Buffalo Bumper Ball - Buffalo's Bubble Soccer Destination

Hosted by dozens of WNY schools and student organizations!

  • Bubble soccer is the most exciting new thing to do in Buffalo!
  • Rent BBB for your school's post prom, senior party or other end-of-year celebration!
  • Bringing Bubble Soccer to Buffalo

    Buffalo's own bubble soccer destination, Buffalo Bumper Ball is a home-grown effort to introduce Buffalo to the crazy fun game of bubble soccer. We are stationed right here in Buffalo and are super excited to see what kind of wild ideas we Buffalonians can stir up. We want everyone to have a chance to try bumper ball, so we offer three ways to play: leagues, rentals, and open play. Bubble soccer is the most exciting thing to do in Buffalo!

    What is Bumper Ball (Bubble Soccer)?

    Bubble soccer is like any casual game of soccer ...except each player is almost entirely encased in a GIANT plastic bubble turning the game into a much more extreme, more fun, more exciting game of soccer mixed with bumper cars! Two teams of 5 players compete at a time to get the ball in the goal, but this is much easier said than done!

    No Soccer Skills? No Problem.

    Don’t be fooled. Soccer skills are not mandatory. Climb inside a giant 5-foot-wide bubble and the playing field is suddenly much more level--and occasionally upside down!

    Somehow players always end up doing much more than playing soccer, like the game “Last Man Standing.”

    Safe Family-Friendly Fun

    Buffalo Bumper Ball is super safe -- imagine running around wrapped in bubble wrap -- and fun for the whole family! Ask about our kids games. It’s also an unbelievable cardio workout!

    Crazy bubble soccer fun for everyone Bump your friends, bump your boss!

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